Pre-Purchase Surveys

Thinking of Buying a used Motorboat or Yacht and need a Pre-Purchase Survey?

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A boat is probably one of the most valuable possessions you will ever own, and may be a capital investment second only to your home. It is therefore a careful and prudent measure to have the boat inspected by a competent and experienced marine surveyor, prior to purchase.

A pre-–purchase survey is a general condition survey inspection of the vessel without any dismantlement and is tailored for a purchaser to fully understand the condition of a vessel that they are interested in buying.

Once an inspection of the vessel has taken place the survey results are then provided in a written report which is formatted in a manner that can be understood by the novice and expert alike, yet is technical enough to gain both finance and insurance on the vessel.

In addition to the report we also include a valuation, which is based on the vessels current condition as found during the inspection and its level of equipment compared against market values of other vessels recently sold of the same class and year.

We are happy to also undertake sea trials FOC as part of the survey inspection, provided they can be carried out on the same day as the survey.

If you require further information about the scope of a normal pre-purchase survey then please use our contact form to request copy of our scope document which forms part of our commissioning contract.

The gallery of images below show some of the defects identified during recent surveys