New Boat Surveys

Bought a New Boat or Yacht and need a Survey?

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It is important to make sure that your new Boat or Yacht is free from defects…

When buying a new yacht or motor boat one should not assume it is free of defects; one vessel we did a pre-delivery survey on had two major structural defects and thirtyfour minor ones and ended up being sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired.

Fortunately structural defects on a new boat are a rare occurrence, however the minor ones are not and by identifying these before you take ownership places a strong incentive on the manufacturer’s agent to complete the repairs quickly and competently before handing over ownership to the purchaser.

Once a purchaser has taken ownership and moved the boat to its permanent mooring, the process of repairing these defects comes under their warranty terms. This often means that you are responsible for all costs involved with returning the vessel to the agent and any charges not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty terms, such as lifting, re-antifouling etc. These costs, along with the loss of use and stress with the whole process, make the cost of a pre-delivery survey well worth the expense.

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